Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Why does it feel like...

... I am cheating on books when using an e-book reader?

Yesterday I received an e-book reader as a gift. The moment I realized what the box in my hand contained, I was hit with a multitude of different thoughts. First up was:

1) Oh dear lord, it's a freakin' e-book reader? I can't accept this! I want to. But I can't! It's a frikkin' e-book reader for pete's sake!

And while this thought was stuck in repeat in my head a second thought managed to creep in which went something like:

2) An e-book reader! Must have cost a I going to use it?

I love reading. And I love books. And when I say that I mean that I love EVERYTHING about them. The words which are my gateway to a different world, but also the feel of the paper, the texture of the cover, the slowly yellowing pages, the smell, the paper-cuts gained when a book protests from being opened for the first time.

I am a bit fearful of e-book readers which are threatening to  take all of this away from me. Now that I actually have one I must say that it quite a useful contraption. You can basically carry a small library in your bag, a library which weighs the same, or even less than an average book. It is not even a strain on the eyes like I had imagined it to be.

I will probably try to find a way to use the reader at university (beats carrying a mountain of books any day). Bottom line is- E-book readers are a useful invention, but I'd rather curl up in bed with a book made out of paper and glue any day.

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