Monday, 16 April 2012

*Creeps back in*

Well, that was a poor decision...

After floating off to Tumblr, I realised that while it is more comfortable in certain aspects (like following others, etc) it leaves much to be desired in other areas. So I think I'll try using both sites until I settle down on which is best, depending on the jobs at hand.

Right now I do not have the time to post, because of university work, but I do have a couple of ideas in mind which I will try to work on next summer, and I guess I will be using what I have now as a test base.

This is  not making much sense, is it?

Well, right now my time is up, I have to get back to my assignments *sob*.

Take care internet!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

I'm moving....

I'm not moving house or anything, I'm moving bases.  My new blog is here:

Please visit ^_^

Saturday, 28 January 2012

So, ACTA huh?

As I was roaming YouTube, like I tend to do when in need of a break, I came across this video that explains in detail what ACTA is all about and exactly how bad things around the internet are going to become.  We can basically bid farewell to freedom of speech and creativity.  I will let the video do the talking, so please just take 6 minutes out of your life to educate yourself.

See, we're screwed aren't we?  This week a treaty was signed regarding this mess, and unfortunately, my country made some bad decisions and signed as well.  The final judgment will be delivered by the European Parliament next June.  

In the meantime, here is how chatting in the future will become if ACTA happens:

A: I'm listening to the radio at the moment, this song came up which I really like.
B: Which one is it?
A: I'm not sure who sings it...
B: Well, what are the lyrics?
A: I can't write down the lyrics online!!
B: Oh right....
A: ...
B: ...
A: Well, it was nice talking to you.
B: Yeah. Bye.

Here comes the waiting game.

P.S. Sorry for the randomness of this post.  I'm facing assignment deadlines but I wanted to spare a couple of minutes to write a blog post. And the couple of minutes are up as of now. B-

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

So I was watching this video...

Charlieissocoollike posted a video a couple of days ago:

It's basically about what goes on when you come across a new blogger or vlogger online and the relationship that starts from there, the joy you get at watching their videos or their blogs and the inevitable that tends to happen when either your tastes change or the blogger's style seems different.

At one point Charlie sings about how sometimes an age seems to pass between updates and I started thinking, "God I hate it when that ha- wait a minute... Crap."

Once again I forgot all about this blog.  Didn't even pop by to wish it Happy New Year or Happy New Chinese Year (which was last Monday, Happy New Year for the Dragons!).  But I have a very good excuse this time, which can be summed up in one simple word:

They have pretty much taken over my entire life for this month.  I pushed aside everything, my consoles and video games, my manga and novels, my anime *sob*.  I'm a hobby-deprived person, beside being a sleep deprived one.  I've come to a point where I take breaks from my assignments by studying (lets not forget the pesky exams which have come to visit us as well.)

However this year I have realized what I am good at; Creating.  I never quite liked assignments, I never understood the use of rewording theories which your lecturer has read over and over again in different ways.  This year however, most of the assignments I was given involved creativity in the process of using tools and programs I had been taught.  I am actually having fun thinking of how the final product will look like and how I need to get there.  Sure there is plenty of swearing involved in the process, but the final result just looks so much more worthwhile.

I have to leave now, I've got an assignment I would like to finish before I see another dawn (though I never see dawns really, beds are too hard to leave in the mornings, aren't they?  Mornings and other times of the day I suppose...)

Till next time, this has been R.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Manga madness

I like to think of myself as a person with a variety of hobbies, although I guess most of them are somewhat linked together. One of my most prominent hobbies is my passion for anime and manga.

I've liked Japanese animation before I even knew it was Japanese animation. I just recognized anime from the style it was drawn and that it was different from cartoons, but I never quite bothered looking up the difference.  At one point in my childhood my sister taught me that the animation we loved so much came all the way from Japan and most of the anime we saw where adaptation of Japanese comics, or manga.

I started searching for manga online. At first I read manga of the series I knew from my childhood.  Then I slowly started branching out to different series, until I was finally swept off my feet into a new medium of fiction, a land I never left again.

I've always loved reading.  And right in front of me I had now a new form of storytelling.  A book can paint the same page in different lights, depending on the reader. A manga is different, but the same.

I'm not going to pretend I am some sort of manga-guru. I cannot explain the science of manga any more than I can explain the anatomy for the human body (although I can refer you to my sister for that). What I can say I am is a fan.  A fan who had to order custom made shelves in order to have enough space for her ever expanding manga collection.  Now that I can finally see all the manga I own in all their glory, all I can think of is, that I cannot wait for the day when I will look upon my manga collection and say:



My collection, looking forward to the future expansion.

P.S. Not pictured are my Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto manga Boxsets.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Just a small thought.

People should not ask questions they do not want to hear the answers to. If you are going to ask 'Why do they cut the people in a y-shape when dissecting them?' you will have to brace yourself for the answer 'Well, the skin can be folded back well that way. If they only use one one long cut in the middle, you would be able to fold back any skin now, would you?' and not squirm about as you make disgusted noises.

P.S. This is what happened when my mother asked me the above question. Not sure why I'm posting it, but it is the middle of the night and I am finding it quite amusing. Might regret it in the morning....

Monday, 26 September 2011

This turned out to be an ode to Harry Potter...oh well...

Ohisashiburi dana? Meaning (or at least I hope) "It's been a long while, hasn't it?"

So, I totally abandoned this blog again but I am going to offer no apologies for two reasons:

1) If I apologize every time I fail to write on this blog, this will turn out to be a collection of long winded 'sorry's instead of being a collection of...what? Hmm, looks like I'm still undecided on what this is after all...

2) I honestly doubt someone aside from my sister (Hi Steph) is reading these, so since I have no specific audience, the apology would fall on deaf ears. (I'm not calling you deaf Steph, not right now.)

Now that that is out of the way, I guess I'll write a summary of what I've been up to.

I finished work one week ago so I've basically been enjoying sleeping my mornings away since then. I will be trying to go back to the usual routine of waking up before eight now though. Not because I have anything to do after eight, just because I start University again next week so better get used to it soon.

I've been re-reading Harry Potter lately because I realized I must have read the last two (or three) books only once (the horror!) and I had never read the whole series in a row. Right now I've just started the seventh (last) book of the series and at first it was fun, noticing certain things that I knew would come up in later books (like the vanishing cabinet at Hogwarts which was so important in book six. It actually shows up in the second book and we find out it was Nearly Headless Nick who broke it) or just noticing elements of foreshadowing I had refused to pay attention to the first time I read them (like in book five, when Harry mentions the awful feeling he got when he said goodbye to his godfather. Second time around, you now that that is because next time they time...oh screw it. The ones who read the book know what I'm talking about.)

Anyways, like I said, at first it was fun, probably more fun the first time I read them, but now it's just getting depressing. Every time a character I like who I know is going to die, shows up, I get a bit distracted. I honestly think this is the first series which made me like characters so much, so much that I actually care about their fictional deaths. It is probably because I ended up growing with them, first through the books, then through the movies. I will most probably never experience this kind of thing this strongly again, but it is nice to know I had the chance.