Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hi and welcome!

So, here we go.

I guess the thing to do when you start writing a blog is to introduce yourself, right? Let’s try it out then.

I am a twenty-year-old second-year student at university and I’m studying Communications with Psychology as my secondary area. I have two main goals in life; to become a writer and find someone I love who is crazy enough to want to share what’s left of their life with me.

Two of my hobbies are writing (duh) and procrastination, which is how I’ve come up with the idea of blogging. I do not have a lot of confidence when it comes to writing so I figured I could use this method as a way of practicing writing and in order to increase (or rather, create) the confidence I need. It’s also a way to kill time without actually feeling like I’m wasting it.

Other hobbies of mine are playing video games, listening to music, reading (manga and novels) and watching anime.

I’m still not sure what this blog is going to be about. It will most likely contain random thoughts and happenings in my life with a random review about random things thrown in I guess. Whatever this endeavor will turn out to be, I hope you will stick around to find out and help me create whatever the hell this is going to be. But most of all, I hope that I will be able to entertain you while I also enjoy myself.

I guess this is enough for an introduction. Hope you’ll make your way back here for the next post. Till then, take care.  


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