Tuesday, 21 June 2011


… is what I am celebrating right now.  Today I finally finished my exams for my second semester of my second year in university.  Until the end of next September I need not give university a second thought, that is until sometime next month when results will start coming out. I’ll either be crying from joy at passing or out of despair from having to sit through the re-sits. And since I had 9 subjects to go through, which totalled to seven written exams, three assignments and one presentation, only time will really tell how I managed through them.

So until September I will be shuffling my time between trying to get a decent summer job and actually working at one, playing video games, watching anime and most importantly writing. I also need to read the small pile of books that has slowly been accumulating and unfortunately ignored due to studying, and I need to get my driving licence. Wow. Maybe I should dedicate this blog to keep check of how many of these projects I’ll actually complete.

Hmm, so this is the list so far:
  1. Get a job
  2. Get driving licence
  3. Finish the first draft of story
  4. Play all the video games I have been buying and accumulating
  5. Read all the books I have been buying and accumulating
  6.  Read the books my sister has been buying (I noticed a couple of good ones around, including the books by John Green)
  7.  Watch all the anime I’ve been meaning to watch (the list is never ending)
  8. Keep writing this blog
I’m pretty sure that there are a couple of things I’m missing out. Oh well, I’ll add them on a later date I guess.

Well, I have three months to accomplish all this. I wonder if I’ll manage…



P.S. I remembered another point for my to do list. My father asked me earlier on this year to help him translate a book from Italian to English together with my sister. I wonder if he still wanted me to do that...

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