Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Why does it feel like...

... I am cheating on books when using an e-book reader?

Yesterday I received an e-book reader as a gift. The moment I realized what the box in my hand contained, I was hit with a multitude of different thoughts. First up was:

1) Oh dear lord, it's a freakin' e-book reader? I can't accept this! I want to. But I can't! It's a frikkin' e-book reader for pete's sake!

And while this thought was stuck in repeat in my head a second thought managed to creep in which went something like:

2) An e-book reader! Must have cost a I going to use it?

I love reading. And I love books. And when I say that I mean that I love EVERYTHING about them. The words which are my gateway to a different world, but also the feel of the paper, the texture of the cover, the slowly yellowing pages, the smell, the paper-cuts gained when a book protests from being opened for the first time.

I am a bit fearful of e-book readers which are threatening to  take all of this away from me. Now that I actually have one I must say that it quite a useful contraption. You can basically carry a small library in your bag, a library which weighs the same, or even less than an average book. It is not even a strain on the eyes like I had imagined it to be.

I will probably try to find a way to use the reader at university (beats carrying a mountain of books any day). Bottom line is- E-book readers are a useful invention, but I'd rather curl up in bed with a book made out of paper and glue any day.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Now... has definitely been more than a week. *Sigh* I didn't know having a job took this much time and energy out of you. Oh well, I'll be done from my first even job once I finish inputting the surveys I took online. I still have about twenty-one to do and it takes a couple of minutes more or less to input each one in, so if I focus I could finish in about an hour.

If I focus...which is pretty much what I am NOT doing now. Meh....

I finished another book, earlier this week. It's not the Sword in the Stone though. I kinda abandoned it for a while to read something else, the first book by John Green; Looking for Alaska. It was different than what I had imagined it to be, and because of that it was probably a greater read than I would have imagined it. Once again, this is a book I would lend to my friends...the only thing is that it's not mine to begin with so I can't. Thanks again to my sister for lending it to me. I'll be stopping by for more books to borrow very soon, you can count on that.

Unfortunately, no results came out this week. How hard is it to correct a bunch of multiple choice questions, geez. At least those results should have come out be now. *Pouts*

I still have not found the time to play or write so far this summer. It's a bit sad but since I know I actually am doing something with my time, I'm sorta OK with this. After all, the summer is till long (in case anyone cares or wants a dose of envy, summers over here are three months long. That's right, three whole months of absolutely no school.)

Well....what else is there to say? I will start my second job next Monday, on the 18th, up until the 22nd of August if I remember correctly. I don't think I'll get a job for the remaining month of holidays, I'll probably focus on enjoying myself and getting my driving license that month. I'm not sure how it works in other places but over here we have a written exam and a practical one (i.e. driving on the street) we have to pass to get our license. Yesterday I had the written exam and passed. Now I just need to call the driving school and start my practical lessons. *Takes out a fancy glass filled with an opaque yellowish liquid* Here's to me hoping that I don't end up crashed into a wall on my first lesson. *Drains the glass*. Mmmm, I love pineapple juice.

Till next time, take care.

This has been R.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

It's been....

...almost a week. My plan is to update this blog at least once a week and since it has not been a week yet I have not broken any (self-imposed) promises, but I still feel a tad guilty for letting this much time slip by. Anyways, I honestly doubt any of you want to hear this kind of useless ramble, so lets switch to a different kind of rambling.

I got another result, this time a B. The subject was 'Media, Society and Culture' and the exam was a nightmare. When my friends and I walked out of the exam, we looked at each other, our faces wearing the same expressions;

Did we ever even go to these lectures? What the hell was that about?

Oh well, thankfully that went well too. Fingers crossed for the other seven results to come.

I also started working this week! I had a meeting with my employer and other students like myself last Tuesday, and now I get to go around interviewing random women about women at work and sexual discrimination. So much fun... I have thirty-three surveys to complete until the 13th of June and so far I've got 13 done. Slow moving work...

On Wednesday I had a barbecue on the beach with friends from the same course. Not everyone showed up, some people were sick and others were too busy with work, but it was fun nonetheless. I probably won't see them in person until I start my third year (if I get there) since we live quite apart, but that's what Facebook is for.

I started reading 'The sword in the stone' for some reason. I had forgotten I even bought the book (it was years ago) and I saw it sitting on the shelf, a blue spine with the owl Archimedes, the name of the author T.H. White written in white on the bottom part. Somehow this made me chuckle so I picked it up and started reading its now yellowing pages. Unfortunately I've been a bit busy so I have only read a couple of chapters, but hopefully I'll find the time to finish it soon.

Anyways, that's all that happened to me lately. No word about the other job I'm supposed to have. I wonder If anything is going to turn up...