Monday, 22 August 2011

"Vroom, vroom!" "Slow down!"

Well, well, well. Where to start?

Actually, not much has happened really. I've been working on my summer jobs as usual (although now I'm done with one of them), but now I've found out I have no idea when I'll be paid for either of them, so that's left me a bit pissed off.

Well, it's not all bad news though. I just received an email telling me that I have been accepted to continue my course on the Honors Program. Basically, after I finish my first two years, I can either continue on the General Program and finish my studies at the third year, or else if I have a high enough average I can continue on the Honors Program and finish studies on my fourth year. I managed to get a good average, and since the Honors seems like a big deal, I decided to try it out. God only knows if I've made the right choice.

Also, I may be getting my driving license earlier than I expected. So far I've had a lesson a week for three weeks (which makes my driving total three hours), but my driving instructor is quite happy with my progress and he might make me take the exam in about five to six weeks. Whenever I remember our conversation, I keep drifting between periods of happiness and excitement  to terror and uneasiness. I am just terrified that it might been too soon, but I really really want to get my license so that I'll be a bit more free and I may less of a burden to my parents.

Plus I love driving. I love being behind the wheel and going where I want, see the world go by. It's true that when you are driver you then to do less of the seeing  part and more on the 'focus or we all die' piece. But it still feels awesome.

There are plenty of things I still need to grasp though. I almost always start slowing down a bit too late when about to go round a corner and I never quite allow as much space between me and curb while turning. Hmm... looks like my problems lie mostly with corners.  Which is probably why I spent half an hour driving around houses on my last lesson. My teacher probably realized where my flaws are. I also might press too much on the gas occasionally...

I think next lesson we'll probably focus on parking. I don't know why, but I get the feeling that parking will be one of the hardest things. It's probably just my impression though. I wonder what other people think is hardest part about driving. What do you think?

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