Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Memories, anyone?

Sometimes I  wish I could turn the conversations my sister and I have into a script and just keep it to be able to flip through them on a day when I am bored or feeling too apathetic to actually do anything. There is nothing special in these conversations, nothing special to other people. The two of us would probably be the only ones who would be able to chuckle at those words, as we re-live the moments in our minds. 

One such unimportant scene happened last Sunday, as my sister was sitting in my room playing video games while I shifted between surfing the internet and reading the last book of The Hunger Games trilogy; Mockingjay (maybe more on that in another post). 

She was playing Final Fantasy XII and as we were chatting about the game, I told here that I had finished it at around level 60, which is unusual for me cause I usually try to train as much as possible before reaching the final boss. However I felt like a challenge, so during the latter section of the game I barely trained. The end result was somewhat unsatisfying. The final boss battle took a bit longer than usual, but it ended up being repetitive without any of the usual fears like, "Crap, my party is going to die at this rate", or "I'm gonna be fresh out of MP soon". In the end, it was just long.

As I was telling my sister this, she told me that she believed boss battles in general weren't really hard anymore, just long. As memories of earlier on this year surfaced in my mind, I started laughing softly and told her, "Oh, I beg to differ."

With her eyebrows raised, she spared a few seconds and looked away from the television screen and to my face. "What do you mean?"

"Remember the last game you played?"

She focused her gaze back at the screen and adopted a pensive look as she tried to shift through the list of games she had played and put them in chronological order. All of a sudden, her eyebrows shot back up and I could hear her as she sucked the air around her. 

"Oh! Oh, oh, oh!! I differ! I differ!!" 

And at that moment we both started laughing at the memory of her swearing at the TV screen, cursing at the protagonist of Kingdom Hearts II whenever he failed to land a blow on his final opponent. 

These memories. The ones that make me smile even though there isn't really anything to smile at. It's just my sister and I, just another Sunday afternoon. A moment in time we have shared together.

Other moments would definitely be included in this fictitious script. Moments I have shared with my family, others with friends, even those alone, while walking on a street to somewhere and coming across something unique. 

My memory is very bad though. I cannot possibly remember everything that has ever happened to me. But just as I am writing this sentence, I realize that it's OK if I do not remember them all. Because it seems like I have enough of these moments to spare.

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