Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Manga madness

I like to think of myself as a person with a variety of hobbies, although I guess most of them are somewhat linked together. One of my most prominent hobbies is my passion for anime and manga.

I've liked Japanese animation before I even knew it was Japanese animation. I just recognized anime from the style it was drawn and that it was different from cartoons, but I never quite bothered looking up the difference.  At one point in my childhood my sister taught me that the animation we loved so much came all the way from Japan and most of the anime we saw where adaptation of Japanese comics, or manga.

I started searching for manga online. At first I read manga of the series I knew from my childhood.  Then I slowly started branching out to different series, until I was finally swept off my feet into a new medium of fiction, a land I never left again.

I've always loved reading.  And right in front of me I had now a new form of storytelling.  A book can paint the same page in different lights, depending on the reader. A manga is different, but the same.

I'm not going to pretend I am some sort of manga-guru. I cannot explain the science of manga any more than I can explain the anatomy for the human body (although I can refer you to my sister for that). What I can say I am is a fan.  A fan who had to order custom made shelves in order to have enough space for her ever expanding manga collection.  Now that I can finally see all the manga I own in all their glory, all I can think of is, that I cannot wait for the day when I will look upon my manga collection and say:



My collection, looking forward to the future expansion.

P.S. Not pictured are my Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto manga Boxsets.


  1. I can see that it's only been a month but has your collection increased any?

    (by the way, nice blog)



    1. Yup, I got a couple for Xmas from my sister, and I usually pre-order manga of any series I start (they are cheaper by a euro or more if I pre-order).

      I think it has increased by 11, productive month...

      I've shifted the places of some of the manga (I tend to do that too) so it's impossible to compare directly between the photo and what I have now.

      Take care and thank you for leaving a message