Monday, 27 June 2011

*Warning, a title to this post cannot be issued due to the fact that the blogger's mind seems to be malfunctioning. Please stand by*

First thing I did when I woke up was to finish reading 'Life of Pi'. Finally! It's an awesome book and I highly recommend it to anyone. The moment I was done with it I went to had it over to my sleepy sister, who humbly accepted it before placing it on her bedside table and resuming her sleep. Unfortunately she did not get to sleep long, you'll know why in a minute.

I turned on my laptop, intent on writing a new blog post since it has been a couple of days since my last one. Before getting down to business I completed the usual routine of checking daily sites for news, email and of course Facebook to see what my friends have been up to. And there I saw that a friend had posted that the first of our results had come out. So it was with shaking hands that I logged on to my student profile on the university website and clicked the link which boldly stated: 'View current Results'.

After which I proceeded to run to my mother to inform her that I had achieved a B+ in Content Analysis and Semiotics, all the while jumping up and down on the spot. After that it was my father's turn to be informed, who nodded at me pleased from the back garden, contently puffing smoke from his pipe. It was at this point that my sister emerged from her room, a confused look across her face. She smiled to the news before wandering off to the bathroom to wash the remaining fragments of sleep from her eyes.

So the long path of waking up each morning, wondering whether the day will bring news of success or failure has finally started. At least we started off on a good note, even though I can't help but feel a tinge of disappointment at the fact that was only two points away from getting an A. Oh well, no use dwelling over things that cannot be changed, that is one of my mottoes (I am way too much of a carefree character to have only one motto, although that is the most frequent one).

Good luck to all of us, wherever it is needed.

Until the next post, this has been R, coming to you from an island somewhere.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

This blog comes to you...

...from my new laptop. Unfortunately my previous (and first ever) 3-year-old laptop started giving me trouble a while back. Basically every time things started getting even a bit crowded, as in, running three programs at the same time (for example, internet, music playing and an application) it would just turn off suddenly. And when I started back up it would pretend nothing ever happened. No "Unexpected shut down occurred" or "Sorry for making you lose the work you had been working on". Nothing.

I took it to a lab to get fixed but after two days they told me it never gave them any trouble and did not shut down on their watch. So I took it back home and after fifteen minutes, history repeated itself.

So anyways, I had to loose my purse strings a bit and fish something out for a new laptop. But it's an awesome laptop so I don't really mind. 

Despite me loving technology, it seems to get a kick out of causing me trouble whenever it gets the chance. Which reminds me, my mobile has been going even more bonkers than usual this past week. Though luck, that's going to have to stay put for a lot longer...

Putting that aside. Not much has happened since the last blog post. Although I may have managed to get two jobs out of the applications I sent in. One of them is going to be only a couple of weeks long, and I still have no real information on the other job except it's location. It's probably going to be office work, although I am not really sure...Oh well, we'll see how that goes. 

I still have not written a line since exams ended apart from these blogs, although I finally started reading 'Life of Pi'. Been dying to read the book and I finally have the time, phew. 

Well, that's it for today, hope the post managed to keep you entertained for a minute or two.

Take care!


Tuesday, 21 June 2011


… is what I am celebrating right now.  Today I finally finished my exams for my second semester of my second year in university.  Until the end of next September I need not give university a second thought, that is until sometime next month when results will start coming out. I’ll either be crying from joy at passing or out of despair from having to sit through the re-sits. And since I had 9 subjects to go through, which totalled to seven written exams, three assignments and one presentation, only time will really tell how I managed through them.

So until September I will be shuffling my time between trying to get a decent summer job and actually working at one, playing video games, watching anime and most importantly writing. I also need to read the small pile of books that has slowly been accumulating and unfortunately ignored due to studying, and I need to get my driving licence. Wow. Maybe I should dedicate this blog to keep check of how many of these projects I’ll actually complete.

Hmm, so this is the list so far:
  1. Get a job
  2. Get driving licence
  3. Finish the first draft of story
  4. Play all the video games I have been buying and accumulating
  5. Read all the books I have been buying and accumulating
  6.  Read the books my sister has been buying (I noticed a couple of good ones around, including the books by John Green)
  7.  Watch all the anime I’ve been meaning to watch (the list is never ending)
  8. Keep writing this blog
I’m pretty sure that there are a couple of things I’m missing out. Oh well, I’ll add them on a later date I guess.

Well, I have three months to accomplish all this. I wonder if I’ll manage…



P.S. I remembered another point for my to do list. My father asked me earlier on this year to help him translate a book from Italian to English together with my sister. I wonder if he still wanted me to do that...

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hi and welcome!

So, here we go.

I guess the thing to do when you start writing a blog is to introduce yourself, right? Let’s try it out then.

I am a twenty-year-old second-year student at university and I’m studying Communications with Psychology as my secondary area. I have two main goals in life; to become a writer and find someone I love who is crazy enough to want to share what’s left of their life with me.

Two of my hobbies are writing (duh) and procrastination, which is how I’ve come up with the idea of blogging. I do not have a lot of confidence when it comes to writing so I figured I could use this method as a way of practicing writing and in order to increase (or rather, create) the confidence I need. It’s also a way to kill time without actually feeling like I’m wasting it.

Other hobbies of mine are playing video games, listening to music, reading (manga and novels) and watching anime.

I’m still not sure what this blog is going to be about. It will most likely contain random thoughts and happenings in my life with a random review about random things thrown in I guess. Whatever this endeavor will turn out to be, I hope you will stick around to find out and help me create whatever the hell this is going to be. But most of all, I hope that I will be able to entertain you while I also enjoy myself.

I guess this is enough for an introduction. Hope you’ll make your way back here for the next post. Till then, take care.